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Kulturos barai: Kulturos ir meno menesinis zurnalas

Cultural sphere: Monthly cultural and artistic journal
12/year: Vilnius: 1965. 26x20 cm. Soft. ISSN 0134-3106. 3000 copies.  In Lithuanian
Independent monthly journal on culture that regularly covers wide cultural areas: general cultural topics (cultural theory, history, and criticism), art, theatre, music, dance, film, architecture, cultural tendencies abroad, etc. The journal aims at discussing the most urgent issues in Lithuanian culture, with a broader perspective of cross-cultural developments. It publishes articles and essays of leading Lithuanian and foreign cultural critics, social thinkers, philosophers, sociologists, historians, and members of other academic intellectual communities.

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Luzhanin Maksim
Rosy na kolase.
Poliakov S.
Tikhie radosti.
Mandrika IU. (ed.)
Bol'shoe gorodishche.

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