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University on the border: Crisis of authority and precarity
Stellenbosch: African Sun Media , 2021. 220 p. Soft. ISBN 9781991201348.  In English
The volume explores and thinks through the process of decolonising the South African higher education system by examining #MustFall. The text offers theoretical insights from a historical, contemporary and multidisciplinary lens, while examining the embedded meanings of the university as an institution, idea and set of practices to show the shifts and changes that were inaugurated by #MustFall along with the historicities that define the university both locally and globally. The retro- and prospective insights presented in the book surface the crisis of authority that places the university in a state of precarity, which is framed in the book as the ‘border’. The volume proposes the concept of the ‘border’ (recognising its conceptual and analytical dynamism) as a generative space that can facilitate new imaginaries and articulations of this social institution: the university.
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