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Burni vremena.

Turbulent Times
Sofiia: Sdruzhenie "B'lgarska istoriia" , 2020. 728 p. 24 cm. Hard. ISBN 9786197496635.  In Bulgarian
This is a new, deluxe edition of a book of memoirs about King Boris III of Bulgaria (reigned 1918-1943), written by Kosta Skutunov, a naval officer who was the king's aide-de-camp from 1920 to 1928. As a member of the monarch's entourage for eight years, Skutunov got to know facts which remained unknown to the general public. As an author, he wanted to show Boris's real role in society and to debunk some false statements and myths about him. Skutunov presents Boris as an ordinary man who loves and hates and has his advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, the author doesn't ignore the king's image as a politician who was aware of his great responsibility during the "turbulent times" in the aftermath of World War I.
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