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The First Ladies of Medieval Bulgaria
Sofiia: Sdruzhenie "B'lgarska istoriia" , 2020. 256 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9786197496567.  In Bulgarian
The role of women in medieval Bulgaria has been beyond the focus of researchers' attention. Prof. Plamen Pavlov's book fills the gap. His riveting and scientifically sound narrative introduces readers to little known female aristocrats and forgotten queens as well as women whose presence in Bulgarian history is well documented. The book answers a number of interesting questions. Which king of Bulgaria was married to a French woman? Did Simeon the Great have a daughter? Which Bulgarian princesses became "first ladies" in foreign countries and graced royal courts from the Byzantine and Latin empires to Bosnia and Poland? Which Bulgarian was the only female ruler in 14th-century Europe not descended from the aristocracy?
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