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Broenitsa: Iz g'nkite na pametta

A Rosary: In the Recesses of Memory
Sofiia: Kolibri , 2020. 348 p. 24 cm. Soft. ISBN 9786190206989.  In Bulgarian
This book is a string of memories shared by the author about her family, childhood and youth, how she experienced some historical events as a kid, things that happened to her over the years and interesting people whom she knew. The past of the Bulgarian capital Sofia comes to life, and readers can hear the voices of major Bulgarian literary figures such as Dora Gabe, Elisaveta Bagryana, Nikola Furnadzhiev, Petar Dinekov, Angel Karaliichev and Toncho Zhechev. In the jumble of memory, the historically significant intertwines with the tediously mundane, thus creating a picture of the time and highlighting the variety of life.
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