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Krest'ianin S.S. Usov i Imperatorskaia arkheologicheskaia komissiia: istoriia sotrudnichestva i formirovaniia kollektsii: Monografiia

Peasant S.S. Usov and the Imperial Archaeological Commission: history of cooperation and formation of collections: Monograph
Tiumen': RITS TGIK , 2017. 110 p. Soft.  In Russian
The monograph examines the history of cooperation between the Imperial Archaeological Commission and a peasant Samuil Stepanovich Usov from 1987 to 1913. For 17 years, he annually sent to the Imperial Archaeological Commission "antiquities": archaeological objects, paleosteological finds, numismatic collections, ethnographic objects, manuscripts and early printed books. All these items, information or images of which have been preserved, are published in this study.
Status: in regional stock marc21
V monografii rassmatrivaetsia istoriia sotrudnichestva Imperatorskoi arkheologicheskoi komissii i Samuila Stepanovicha Usova c 1987 g. po 1913 gg. Na protiazhenii 17 let on ezhegodno, inogda dva ili tri-chetyre raza v god otpravlial v Imperatorskuiu arkheologicheskuiu komissiiu «drevnosti» - arkheologicheskie predmety, paleoosteologicheskie nakhodki, numizmaticheskie kollektsii, etnograficheskie predmety, rukopisi i staropechatnye knigi. Vse eti predmety, svedeniia ili izobrazheniia kotorykh sokhranilis', publikuiutsia v dannom issledovanii. Avtor: Gordienko Aleksei Vladimirovich, kandidat istoricheskikh nauk.

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