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Interpretatsiia russkoi literatury v kritike G. V. Adamovicha na stranitsakh parizhskogo ezhenedel'nika “Zveno”: Monografiia

The interpretation of Russian literature in the criticism of G. Adamovich on the pages of the Parisian Weekly Zveno: = Monograph
Ekaterinburg: UrFU , 2020. 248 p. Hard. ISBN 978-5-7996-3065-2. 100 copies.  In Russian. Title and Annotation in English
This monograph explores the interpretation of Russian literature by Georgy Adamovich, the “first critic” of Russian emigration, on the pages of the Parisian weekly Zveno. It is demonstrated that Adamovich’s aesthetic and literary critical positions reveal his attempt to introduce the Russian literature of different eras, as well as Russian Soviet literature as an integral system in the context of the world literary process. The author clarifies the theoretical aspects of the literary critical interpretation made by the critic. Additionally, the book concerns the peculiarities of Adamovich’s interpretation of works by Russian classics and those by his contemporaries, both representatives of emigre circles and authors from Soviet Russia
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V monografii issleduetsia interpretatsiia russkoi literatury «pervym kritikom» russkogo zarubezh'ia G. V. Adamovichem na stranitsakh parizhskogo ezhenedel'nika «Zveno». Pokazano, chto esteticheskie i literaturno-kriticheskie pozitsii G. V. Adamovicha obnaruzhivaiut ego popytku predstavit' russkuiu literaturu raznykh epokh, a takzhe russkuiu sovetskuiu literaturu kak tselostnuiu sistemu v kontekste mirovogo literaturnogo protsessa. Vyiasneny teoreticheskie aspekty literaturno-kriticheskoi interpretatsii kritika. Izucheny osobennosti rassmotreniia im proizvedenii klassikov russkoi literatury i ego sovremennikov — kak predstavitelei emigrantskikh krugov, tak i avtorov iz Sovetskoi Rossii. Li IAlin' - kandidat filologicheskikh nauk.
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