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Ustad nafasli saz-soz armagani (Azarbaycan asiqlar birliyi).

Master's breathless rhyme (Azerbaijan Ashugs Union)
Baki: Zardabi Nasr , 2020. 400 p. Hard. ISBN 978-9952-526-83-7; 9789952526837.  In Azerbaijani
An anthology titled "Master's breathless rhyme" prepared by the Azerbaijan Ashugs Union (AAB) has been published. AAB Secretary, Honored Cultural Worker Musa Nabioglu said that the publication contains the sources of the master's tradition, which occupies an important place in the genre of ashug literature - the recitation of poems, as well as examples of remembrance created by poets of the past centuries. From the time of Dada Gorgud to the twentieth century, deep-rooted, philosophically charged couplets, geraylis, tajnis, divans, which were memorized in master meetings and folk assemblies, have become our invaluable vocabulary after centuries of hardships. The anthology contains creative works of about a hundred masters. The purpose of the anthology is to preserve the richness of the masterpieces created by the masters of classical poetry and pass them on to future generations, as well as to expand the repertoire of teenagers and young people new to this art.

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