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Gorskoe natsional'noe dvizhenie v revoliutsiiakh i Grazhdanskoi voine na Severnom Kavkaze (1917-1921): Monografiia

National Movement of the Mountain peoples in revolutions and Civil War in the North Caucasus (1917-1921): Monograph
Magas: KEP , 2020. 402 p. Hard. ISBN 978-5-4482-0081-6. 500 copies.  In Russian
This monograph is the first experience in Russian historiography of a comprehensive analysis of one of the most important pages of the modern history of the North Caucasus - the participation of social and political organizations and movements of mountain peoples in the events of revolutions and the civil war in Russia.
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Nastoiashchaia monografiia iavliaetsia pervym v otechestvennoi istoriografii opytom kompleksnogo analiza odnoi iz vazhneishikh stranits noveishei istorii Severnogo Kavkaza - uchastiia obshchestvenno-politicheskikh organizatsii i dvizhenii gorskikh narodov v sobytiiakh revoliutsii i grazhdanskoi voiny v Rossii. Matiev Timur KHusenovich - kandidat istoricheskikh nauk.
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