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Nvirowmi vkayowt'yown.

Evidence of devotion
Erevan: Hayrapet , 2020. 184 p. Soft. ISBN 978-9939-887-01-2; 9789939887012.  In Armenian
"Before the end of the war, heroism had a very specific look for me: I had to kill as many Turks as possible on the battlefield. At that time I did not see, I did not understand that more than my father, for example, my mother is a hero. Because she followed her husband without murmuring, did not argue with him, did not argue, but stood by his side at all times. Because 10 times a day it came and went in the world because of the danger threatening the lives of its children, but it continued to live and revive. It seems that everything should be just like that. I did not see and did not understand that their wives and mothers were braver than my father's friends, who, despite the bombings, continued to educate children in schools and treat people in hospitals.”

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