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Komitase hay nkarich'neri ev k'andakagortsneri ach'k'erov Komitas glazami armianskikh khudozhnikov i skul'ptorov: Kompozitori tsnndyan 150-amyaki art'iv = K 150-letiiu so dnia rozhdeniia kompozitora

Komitas as seen by Armenian artists and sculptors: = On the 150th Anniversary of composer's birthday
Erevan: Gitowt'yown , 2019. 49+38 pp., il. 26 cm. Soft. ISBN 978-5-8080-1393-3; 9785808013933.  In Armenian and English
Many Armenian painters and sculptors in various types and genres of fine arts resorted to the image of Komitas. The works presented in the album have obvious artistic merit, as well as definitive historic, cultural and documentary value.

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Garegin Nzhdeh
Asowyt'ner (Garegin Nzhdeh).
Olander A.
Paernu kadunud vaated.

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