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CHas Velykoi Hry. Fantomy 2079 roku.

Time of the Great Game. Phantoms of 2079
Kyiv : A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA , 2020. 544 p. Hard. ISBN 978-617-585-185-2; 9786175851852.  In Ukrainian
The novel by the prominent Ukrainian writer Yuriy Shcherbak “Time of the Great Game. The Phantoms of 2079 is a brilliant political anti-utopia that unfolds after the Fourth Global War. At the heart of the novel is the dramatic fate of the protagonist, Ukrainian intelligence general Ihor Haiduk. Acting during the Great Darkness and after it, taking part in a brutal political struggle, exposing himself to a mortal risk, General Haiduk makes a fateful decision Ча the scale of possible geopolitical events of the future.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
Roman vyznachnoho ukrains'koho pys'mennyka IUriia SHCHerbaka «CHas Velykoi Hry. Fantomy 2079 roku» — tse blyskucha hostro­­­siuzhetna politychna antyutopiia, diia iakoi rozhortaiet'sia pislia «CHet­vertoi hlobal'noi viiny». U tsentri romanu — dramatychna dolia holovnoho heroia, henerala ukrains'koi rozvidky Ihoria Haiduka. Diiuchy v period Velykoi temriavy ta pislia ii zakinchennia, beruchy uchast' u zhorstokii politychnii borot'bi, narazhaiuchys' na smertel'nyi ryzyk, heneral Haiduk pryimaie dolenosne rishen­nia… «CHas Velykoi Hry» prodovzhuie siuzhetnu liniiu «CHasu smertokhrystiv», de za hro­tesk­­­noiu formoiu i fantastychnistiu sytuatsii stoit' real'na masshtabnist' mozhlyvykh heopolitych­nykh podii maibutn'oho.
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