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Euroopa, esteedid ja elulaehedus : Semperi ja Barbaruse kirjavahetus 1911-1940. : 1. koeide (1911-1929)

Europe, aesthetics and closeness to life: correspondence between Semper and Barbarus 1911-1940: Volume 1 (1911-1929). Volume 2 (1930-1940)
Osa I, II : Tallinn: Ekm teaduskirjastus , 2020. 575+593 pp. 25 cm. Hard. ISBN 9789949677603; 9789949677139; 9789949677610.  In Estonian
The friendship of Johannes Semper (1892–1970) and Johannes Barbarus (1890–1946) began in school and lasted a lifetime, they were interested in literature, later already participating in Estonian literary and cultural life as writers and translators. Both are classic authors of Estonian literature, who were also in the middle of the bubbling literary life of Estonia at the time of the creation of the republic and before. They participated in the literary groups Siuru and Tarapita, in the activities of the Estonian PEN Club, Semper was the editor-in-chief of the Estonian Writers' Union magazine Looming in 1930–1940. years. The correspondence offers the reader a panoramic picture of the literary life of the Republic of Estonia, cultural policy and the trends of social life that have influenced it. During the period covered by the correspondence, Barbarus published 11 collections of poetry, articles and essays, and Semper published 6 collections of poetry, 3 collections of short stories, 2 novels and 2 travel books.

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