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Polet babochki.

Flight of the Butterfly
KHar'kov: Folio , 2020. 320 p. Hard. ISBN 978-966-03-8578-8; 9789660385788.  In Russian
Nina Voronel is a famous novelist, playwright, translator, poet. But the main thing in her work is prose. She is the author of more than ten prose works, including action-packed books from the adventurous series Gothic Novel. “Flight of the Butterfly” is a continuation of the novel “The Witch and the Skydiver”. The main characters this time were Uri's mother, Klara, and her random Czech acquaintance Jan Wojtek. Thanks to the clarity of psychological characteristics and the figurative description of what is happening, the author manages to engage the reader in a completely alien life, full of hope, passion and secrets.
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Nyna Voronel' - yzvestnûi romanyst, dramaturh, perevodchyk, poýt. No hlavnoe v ee tvorchestve - proza. Ona avtor bolee desiaty prozaycheskykh proyzvedenyi, v tom chysle ostrosiuzhetnûkh knyh yz avantiurnoi seryy «Hotycheskyi roman». «Polet babochky» - prodolzhenye romana «Ved'ma y parashiutyst». Hlavnûmy heroiamy na ýtot raz staly mat' Ury - Klara, y ee sluchainûi znakomûi chekh IAn Voitek. Blahodaria chetkosty psykholohycheskykh kharakterystyk y obraznomu opysanyiu proyskhodiashcheho avtoru udaetsia vovlech' chytatelia v sovsem chuzhuiu zhyzn', polnuiu nadezhd, strasty y tain.
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