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KHar'kov: Folio , 2020. 608 p. Hard. ISBN 978-966-03-8173-5; 9789660381735.  In Russian
Georgy Tushkan (1905-1965) - Soviet writer, fisherman and hunter, worked in the Pamirs, traveled to Central Asia, studying the history of the peoples inhabiting it. In 1940, his famous adventure novel “Jura” was published, on which more than one generation of boys grew up and which was translated into many languages. In the UK, Georgy Tushkan was called the Soviet Fenimore Cooper, believing that since the "Last of the Mohicans" there was no work so saturated with exciting incidents and original characters as "Jura".
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Heorhyi Tushkan (1905- 1965) - sovetskyi pysatel', rûbolov y okhotnyk, rabotal na Pamyre, puteshestvoval po Srednei Azyy, yzuchaia ystoryiu naseliavshchykh ee narodov. V 1940 hodu publykuetsia eho znamenytûi prykliuchencheskyi roman «Dzhura», na kotorom vûroslo ne odno pokolenye mal'chyshek y kotorûi bûl pereveden na mnohye iazûky. V Velykobrytanyy Heorhyia Tushkana nazûvaly sovetskym Fenymorom Kuperom, schytaia, chto so vremeny «Posledneho yz mohykan» ne bûlo proyzvedenyia, tak nasûshchennoho volnuiushchymy proysshestvyiamy y oryhynal'nûmy kharakteramy, kak "Dzhura".
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