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Soul gravity .
Bamenda: Langaa RPCIG , 2020. 148 p. Soft. ISBN 9789956551286.  In English
Gamal Elgezeery, born on August 2, 1973, is an Egyptian poet, storywriter, novelist, critic, translator and academic. He is currently an associate professor of English literature at Taibah University, KSA. He teaches English literature and language courses at Suez University (Egypt) and Taibah University (Saudi Arabia). He has published 55 books in Arabic and English since 2001, including novels, poetry volumes, story collections, literary criticism, and translations. He also has published tens of papers and essays in English and Arabic.
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Gamal Elgezeery
Soul gravity .
Rosabelle Boswell
Pandemix .
Vusumuzi R. Kumalo
From plough to entrepreneurship.

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