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My pomnim… Velikaia Otechestvennaia voina 1941–1945 godov v pamiati leshukontsev: Dokumental'no-publitsisticheskoe izdanie

We remember…The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 in the memory of Leshukontsy: Documentary-publicistic edition
Arkhangel'sk: Lotsiia , 2020. 360 p. Hard. ISBN 978-5-6043719-0-9. 200 copies.  In Russian
In three chapters - “Front-line soldiers and homeworkers remember”, “Children of the war” remember, “Children and grandchildren tell about their relatives - front-line soldiers and home-front workers” - memories, documents and photographs from home archives are published. The uniqueness of this book is that this book is true. And we believe that children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, after reading this book with the memories of their relatives about the war, will always come with grateful memory, with respect, with a bow, to the Victory monuments, to look after the graves of veterans, to participate in the procession of the Immortal Regiment.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
V triokh glavakh – «Vspominaiut frontoviki i truzheniki tyla» «Vspominaiut deti voiny», «Rasskazyvaiut deti i vnuki o svoikh rodnykh – frontovikakh i truzhenikakh tyla» – opublikovany vospominaniia, dokumenty i fotografii iz domashnikh arkhivov. Unikal'nost' dannoi knigi sostoit v tom, chto eta kniga – pravda. I verim, chto deti, vnuki, pravnuki, prochitav etu knigu s vospominaniiami svoikh rodnykh o voine, budut vsegda s blagodarnoi pamiat'iu, s pochteniem, s poklonom prikhodit' k pamiatnikam Pobedy, ukhazhivat' za mogilami veteranov, uchastvovat' v shestvii Bessmertnogo polka. Sostavitel': CHursanova Irina Fiodorovna.
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