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Homo liber: Sbornik pamiati L.G. Frizmana.

Homo liber: Collection in the memory of L.G. Frezman
Kiev : Izdatel'skii Dom Dmitriia Burago , 2020. 472 p. Hard. ISBN 978-617-7621-41-5; 9786177621415.  In Russian
The book dedicated to the memory of the remarkable scientist L. G. Frezman presents memoirs, essays and articles by colleagues and students of the philologist. The subject of the collection is comparatively wide, however, almost all of the work can be considered in one way or another as a continuation, refinement, or development of the ideas of L. G. Frizman expressed by him in monographs and articles published over the past 60 years.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
V knyhe, posviashchennoi pamiaty zamechatel'noho uchenoho L. H. Fryzmana, predstavlenû vospomynanyia, ocherky y stat'y kolleh y uchenykov fyloloha. Tematyka sbornyka sravnytel'no shyroka, odnako pochty vse rabotû tak yly ynache mozhno rassmatryvat' kak prodolzhenye, utochnenye yly razvytye ydei L. H. Fryzmana, vûskazannûkh ym v monohrafyiakh y stat'iakh, opublykovannûkh za poslednye 60 let.

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