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Ukrains'ka abetka. Maliunky Heorhiia Narbuta.

Ukrainian alphabet. Drawings by Georgy Narbut
KHarkiv: Vydavets' Oleksandr Savchuk , 2020. 64 p.,+77 il. 34 x 24 cm. Hard. ISBN 978-617-7538-35-5; 9786177538355. 500 copies.  In Ukrainian
Heorhiy Narbut (1886–1920), an outstanding Ukrainian graphic artist, undertook the creation of the Ukrainian alphabet twice: in 1917 (14 letters) and in 1919 (3 letters). The alphabet - the artist's architect - is not only a model of impeccable graphics, but also the result of the artist's creative path and his national self-identification. This book is the first complete edition of all known letters of the Ukrainian alphabet by Georgy Narbut, reproduced from the originals. The publication is made to the 100th anniversary of the artist's death.
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Za stvorennia ukrains'koi abetky vydatnyi ukrains'kyi hrafik Heorhii Narbut (1886–1920) bravsia dvichi: 1917 roku (14 liter) ta 1919 roku (3 litery). Abetka — arkhitvir myttsia — ne lyshe vzirets' bezdohannoi hrafiky, a i rezul'tat tvorchoho shliakhu khudozhnyka ta ioho natsional'noi samoidentyfikatsii. TSia knyha — pershe povne vydannia vsikh vidomykh liter ukrains'koi abetky Heorhiia Narbuta, reprodukovanykh z oryhinaliv. Vydannia zdiisneno do 100-littia vid dnia smerti myttsia.
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