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Igra vne vremeni.

Timeless game
Kiev: Sammit-kniga , 2020. 288 p. Soft. ISBN 978-966-9861-25-2; 9789669861252.  In Russian
Many people spend the lion's share of their lives in search of its meaning and do not always find it. Everyone at the beginning of his journey plans to live life with dignity and be happy. Numerous disputes about what to do and which path to follow often lead them astray, forcing them to change their point of view from time to time. Thus, they begin to make mistakes in their guidelines. Making mistakes, sometimes not fixable. Having not decided on the route, many, tired of numerous attempts, simply begin to go with the flow. Someone finds solace in the false priorities that they palm off or impose on space.
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Mnozhestvo liudei provodiat l'vynuiu doliu svoei zhyzny v poyskakh ee smûsla y daleko ne vsehda eho nakhodiat. Kazhdûi v nachale svoeho puty planyruet prozhyt' zhyzn' dostoino y bût' schastlyvûm. Mnohochyslennûe sporû o tom, chto nuzhno delat' y kakym putem sledovat', chasto sbyvaiut ykh s ystynnoho napravlenyia, zastavliaia vremia ot vremeny meniat' svoiu tochku zrenyia. Tem samûm ony nachynaiut dopuskat' oshybky v svoykh oryentyrakh. Delat' oshybky, ynohda ne popravym. Tak y ne opredelyvshys' s marshrutom, mnohye, ustav ot mnohochyslennûkh popûtok, prosto nachynaiut plût' po techenyiu. Kto-to nakhodyt uteshenye v lozhnûkh pryorytetakh, kotorûe ym podsovûvaet yly naviazûvaet prostranstvo.

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