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Hramadska-palitychnae zhytstsio Vialikaha Kniastva Litouskaha u chasy beskaraleuia 1733-1735 hh.

Social and political life of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the time of the kingdom of 1733-1735.
Minsk: Belaruskaia navuka , 2020. 366 p+12 p., il. 24 cm. Hard. ISBN 978-985-08-2557-5. 300 copies.  In Belarusian
The book deals with issues related to the social and political life of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the time of the kingdom of 1733-1735. The publication analyzes the political struggle for the election of the king in 1733 and the position of the nobility of the GDL in it, shows the role of various magnate groups in the Principality, shows the position of county GDL members in the choice of the future king, identifies the interests of foreign states and the steps taken to realize those interests. , as well as the circle of supporters of Stanislav Leszczynski in the GDL and their activities in support of him.
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U kn³ze razhledzhany pytann³, zviazanyia z hramadska-pal³tychnym zhytstsiom Vial³kaha Kniastva L³touskaha u chasy beskaraleuia 1733-1735 hh. U vydann³ anal³zuiutstsa pal³tychnaia barats'ba za abranne karaliom u 1733 h. ³ paz³tsyia u ioi shliakhty VKL, adliustrouvaetstsa rolia roznykh mahnatsk³kh hrupovak u Kniastve, pakazvaetstsa paz³tsyia paviatovykh soim³kau VKL u pytann³ vybaru buduchaha karalia, vyznachaiutstsa ³ntaresy zamezhnykh dziarzhau ³ zroblenyia ³m³ krok³ pa real³zatsy³ hetykh ³ntaresau, a taksama vyiauliaiutstsa kola pry- kh³l'n³kau Stan³slava Liashchynskaha u VKL ³ ³kh dzeinasts' u iaho padtrymku.
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