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Finansovyi kontrol' i nadzor v sfere denezhnogo obrashcheniia v Rossiiskoi Federatsii: Monografiia

Financial control and supervision in the sphere of money circulation in the Russian Federation: Monograph
M.: Prospekt , 2020. 240 p. Hard. ISBN 978-5-392-31083-8. 100 copies.  In Russian
The monograph considers current issues related to the legal regulation of financial control and supervision in the sphere of monetary circulation in the Russian Federation. The paper reveals topics related to the concept of “financial control” in the sphere of money circulation, the impact of the process of digitalization of the economy on financial law, and also analyzes the problems that arise in the process of legal regulation of financial control in the field of cash circulation, supervision and observation in the national payment system, currency control and financial monitoring.
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V monografii rassmotreny aktual'nye problemy, sviazannye s pravovym regulirovaniem finansovogo kontrolia i nadzora v sfere denezhnogo obrashcheniia v Rossiiskoi Federatsii. V rabote raskryty temy, kasaiushchiesia poniatiia «finansovyi kontrol'» v sfere denezhnogo obrashcheniia, vliianiia protsessa tsifrovizatsii ekonomiki na finansovoe pravo, a takzhe proanalizirovany problemy, voznikaiushchie v protsesse pravovogo regulirovaniia finansovogo kontrolia v sfere nalichnogo denezhnogo obrashcheniia, nadzora i nabliudeniia v natsional'noi platezhnoi sisteme, valiutnogo kontrolia i finansovogo monitoringa. Normativnye pravovye akty privedeny po sostoianiiu na 1 ianvaria 2020 g.
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