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The spiritual revolution of Rav Kook: Translated and introduced by Ari Ze'ev Schwartz
Jerusalem: Gefen Publishing House , 2018. 269 p. Soft. ISBN 9789652299130.  In English
In a time where radical and extreme religion threatens to destroy the entire world, Rav Kook`s spiritual revolution provides a much needed answer, combining a deep love of God with an uncompromising compassion for all human beings. A person who reads the writings of Rav Kook will discover a man who rejected superficial labels of religious verses secular, right wing verses left wing. Rav Kook was one of the most spiritual and open minded thinkers in modern Jewish history. God's presence in the world was so real to Rav Kook that he believed spirituality must focus on the transformation of the individual, the nation, humanity, and all of existence.

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