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Mugabeism after Mugabe?: Rethinking legacies and the new dispensation in Zimbabwe's 'Second Republic'
Zimbabwe: Africa Talent Publishers , 2019. 512 p. Soft. ISBN 9781779296252.  In English
Arguably, one of the long waited political handover of power, globally, happened in November 2017 in Zimbabwe when the former and now late 37- year long serving and divisive President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe was forced out of power by a combination of forces that were spearheaded by the military’s Operation Restore Legacy. Mugabe’s departure ushered in President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s reign. This transition has variously been characterised as marking the inauguration of the Second Republic or New Dispensation or as heralding a new Zimbabwe that is ‘Open for Business’. From the moment of the investiture of President Mnangagwa’s government, anticipations of seismic changes to the order of doing business by both the incoming government and the larger Zimbabwean society in general, were extremely high. There was an expectation that international cooperation with global partners, especially in the West, would be restored alongside the reinvigoration of a near comatose domestic economy. But, did this ever happen?

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