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Ouafa and Thawra: about a lover from Tunisia : Poetry, drawings, essay
Zimbabwe: 2019. 112 p., color il. Soft. ISBN 9781779064875.  In English
Arturo Desimone, Arubian-Argentinian writer and visual artist, was born in 1984 on the island Aruba which he inhabited until the age of 22, when he emigrated to the Netherlands. He relocated to Argentina while working on a long project about his Argentinean family background. Desimone's articles, poetry and fiction pieces have previously appeared in CounterPunch, Island. Círculo de Poesía (Spanish) Sydney Review of Books, Moko, The Missing Slate, Al Araby Al Jadeed (in Arabic translation) and New Orleans Review. He writes a blog about Latin American poetry for the Ex-Drunken Boat poetry review and performed in poetry festivals in Nicaragua, Cuba, Belgium and Argentina. He previously published the poetry collections Letters to Karl Marx/ Cartas a Carlos Marx *(2015) with Hanan Harawi, a publisher in Peru, and Poems of the Costa Nostra, Mare Nostrum (2019, publisher Hesterglock Protes(x)t, UK)

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