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Mykhailo Zubryts'kyi.

Mykhailo Zubryts'kyi
Tom 3: L'viv: Litopys , 2019. 1024 p. Hard. ISBN 978-966-8853-85-2; 9789668853852.  In Ukrainian
The third volume, edited by Frank Sysin, contains articles that appeared in newspaper publications, often in concise reports on the current affairs of a village or an entire region. This volume also included ethnographic materials published not only in newspapers, but also in scientific collections. We also publish archival handwritten materials that were first published in our publication. In the third volume, the editors placed an article by M. Zubritsky “The upper woolen burden of the Ukrainian-Russian people in Galicia”, which was already published in the first volume of this publication, but without illustrations. Therefore, the editorial board decided it would be appropriate to once again publish this article with illustrated applications. The third volume accompanies the introduction, geographical and name indexes. The publications of works and materials retained the original spelling.
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