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Kraiat na studenata voina i Evropeiskata integratsiia / dezintegratsiia prez 90-te godini na KHKH vek.

The End of the Cold War and European Integration / Disintegration in the 1990s
Sofiia: UI-"Sv.-Kliment-Okhridski" , 2019. 368 p. 23 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789540746098.  In Bulgarian
A collection of articles marking the 65th birthday of Bulgarian historian Iskra Baeva. The book includes an interview with Dr. Baeva and selected bibliography of her works. Some of the topics discussed in the articles are: Integration and disintegration in the 1990s; Eastern Europe: Switching the direction of integration from East to West; The disintegration of the USSR and the end of the bipolar world; The transition in Bulgaria: Privatization and its socioeconomic results; Integration of the Iberian world: The Ibero-American community of nations (1991-1992); After the "Regeneration Process": Democracy or integration of the Bulgarian Turks in the new political reality in Bulgaria after November 10, 1989.
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