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Stolichnata obshchina (1918-1925): Politicheski faktori, upravlenski resheniia i kmetski tragedii

Sofia Municipality (1918-1925) : Political factors, managerial decisions and mayoral tragedies
Sofiia: Gutenberg , 2019. 214 p. 23 cm. Soft. ISBN 9786191761395.  In Bulgarian
The study covers one of the most difficult periods in the 140-year history of Sofia as capital of Bulgaria. The years between 1918 and 1925 were a time of political, social and economic crisis in the aftermath of World War I. The author examines the policies of Sofia City Hall and its efforts to overcome the economic collapse and solve a host of humanitarian and urban development problems in a rapidly and chaotically growing metropolis. The city was receiving huge numbers of refugees and migrants looking for shelter and work. Housing was scarce and sanitation was poor. Political confrontation didn't help.
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