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CHetite v B'lgariia.

Armed Bands in Bulgaria
Sofiia: KHermes , 2019. 240 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789542617945.  In Bulgarian
The author Zaharii Stoyanov (1850-1889), the chronicler of the Bulgarian national revolution, says that while freedom-fighters like Filip Totyu, Hadzhi Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha and the armed bands they led were well-known to the Bulgarian public and their feats were recognized by all politicians, few people were familiar with their actions, their character, what motivated them to end their exile and cross the Danube into the Bulgarian land, how they dared stand up against the colossal Ottoman Empire with only twenty or a hundred troops in their command, and what exactly happened to them and their brothers in arms. Therefore, Stoyanov wrote the book to give these details.
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