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Etnicheskaia istoriia nagaibakov v XVIII - nachale XXI vekov: stanovlenie i transformatsiia identichnostei: Monografiia

Ethnic history of Nagaybaks in the XVIII-the beginning of the XXIst centuries: formation and identity transformation : Monograph
CHeliabinsk: ABRIS , 2018. 436 p. Hard. ISBN 978-5-91744-105-4. 500 copies.  In Russian
Nagaybaks are an indigenous Turkic people in Russia recognized as a separate people under Russian legislation. The majority of the Nagaybaks live in the Nagaybaksky and Chebarkulsky Districts of the Chelyabinsk Oblast. They speak a sub-dialect of the Tatar language's Middle dialect. Russian and Tatar historians usually treat the Nagaybaks as an integral part of Volga Tatars; a minority considers Nagaybaks a separate ethnicity in their own right. In the 1989 Russian census, 11,200 people identified themselves as Nagaybaks, falling to 9,600 in 2002.
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