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Proizkhod na b'lgarite i prarodinata na slavianite.

The Origin of the Bulgarians and the Land of Origin of the Slavs
Sofiia: Guta - N , 2018. 382 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9786197444100.  In Bulgarian
The author Gancho Tsenov (or Gantscho Zenow, 1870-1949) was a Bulgarian historian based in Germany and writing in German. In this book he maintains that the Bulgars settled in Thrace and Illyria before the Slavs. Today's Bulgarians are direct descendants of the Thracian-Illyrians, and the region was not invaded by Eastern barbarians, Tsenov says. The book explores the relations between the Bulgarians (Bulgars) and the Thracian-Illyrians, Romans, Greeks, Celts, Scythians, Germans and Slavs.
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