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Kniaz Aleksand'r Batenberg: Istinata za tsaruvaneto mu

Prince Alexander Batenberg: The Truth About His Reign
Sofiia: BI 93 OOD , 2018. 254 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9786197496109.  In Bulgarian
Adolf Koch is a Lutheran chaplain, a palace pastor of Prince Alexander I. At the end of December 1879, before Christmas, he arrived in Bulgaria at the office of the newly elected head of state. He witnessed all the dramatic events that marked the first years after the Liberation, and described them in his work, "Prince Alexander Batenberg. The Truth About His Reign ". This is a story about the first monarch of the Third Bulgarian State, but also an account of the times in which the Bulgarian people have set their heads and laid the foundations of our modern society. This is a biography but also a valuable source for the history of modern Bulgaria.
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