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Velikaia Rossiiskaia revoliutsiia 1917 g. v sud'bakh stran i narodov mira: Sbornik nauchnykh statei

The great Russian revolution of 1917 in the fates of countries and peoples of the world: = Collection of scientific articles under the ed. L. I. Gallyamova
Vladivostok: IIAE DVO RAN , 2018. 410 p. Soft. ISBN 978-5-6040734-7-6. 300 copies.  In Russian. Title and Annotation in English
The book includes the works of the participants of the International scientific conference that was conducted in Vladivostok on November 7-8, 2017 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Great October. The topics of the conference covered three key themes: The Great Russian Revolution and geopolitical situation in Asia-Pacific region; year 1917 and Russian Far East; Sociocultural transformations in the context of the Great Russian Revolution. The articles represented in the book vary in content and cover lesser known aspects of the history of the revolutionary events of 1917 and the impact of these events on the population of the region and neighboring countries. The authors are not only discussing a number of complex and disputable topics but also introduce new knowledge and a wide spectrum of factual materials on the history of the Russian Far East and a number of Asia-Pacific countries. The book appeals to a wide circle of readers: history teachers, students and scholars, everyone interested in the regional, overall Russian and world history. Key words. Russia, Far East, revolution, Great October, Asia-Pacific region, economic situation, socio-political situation, socio-cultural transformations.
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