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Komsomol Karelii v litsakh : Izdanie 2-e, dopolnennoe

Karelian Komsomol in persons: 2nd edition, enlarged
Petrozavodsk : Ostrova , 2018. 392 p., il., photos. Hard. ISBN 978-5-98686-097-8. 1000 copies.  In Russian
On the history of Komsomol in Karelia (1918–1991). The All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, usually known as Komsomol was a political youth organization in the Soviet Union. It is sometimes described as the youth division of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), although it was officially independent and referred to as "the helper and the reserve of the CPSU".
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Kniga posviashchena 100-letiiu VLKSM i rasskazyvaet ob istorii komsomola Karelii za gody ego sushchestvovaniia (1918–1991), o liudiakh, proshedshikh shkolu komsomola. Imena mnogikh vospitannikov komsomola Karelii, nachinaia ot geroev Grazhdanskoi i Velikoi Otechestvennoi voin do segodniashnego vremeni, khorosho izvestny v respublike. Poetomu kniga rasskazyvaet ne tol'ko o komsomole, no i ob istorii Karelii XX veka. Avtor: IUrii Viktorovich SHleikin, Zasluzhennyi zhurnalist Karelii.

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