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Aleksandr Zass. ZHizneopisanie, sistema i metody.

Alexander Zass. Biography, system and methods
Orenburg: Orenburgskoe knizhnoe izdatel'stvo imeni G. P. Donkovtseva , 2018. 312 p., il. 22 cm. Hard. ISBN 978-5-88788-240-6. 1500 copies.  In Russian
Alexander Zass, (1888-26 September 1962) was a Russian strongman, a professional wrestler, and an animal trainer. He was better known by his stage names, The Amazing Samson, Iron Samson, or simply Samson, Zass has been credited as the "first Russian champion in weightlifting in the pre-Revolutionary era". The book represents the fullest and the most accurate biography of Zass and is based on his memoirs published in 1925 in London.
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