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Zapiski provintsial'nogo chinovnika vtoroi poloviny XIX veka: Vospominaniia i rasskazy o zhizni i sluzhbe na Urale i Altae. Sbornik dokumentov: v 2-kh tomakh

Notes of a provincial official of the second half of the XIXth century: Memories and stories about life and service in the Urals and Altai. Collected documents: in 2 volumes
Toma 1,2: Barnaul: AltGPU , 2017. 420+458 pp. Hard. ISBN 978-5-88210-907-2; 978-5-88210-908-9; 978-5-88210-906-5. 100 copies.  In Russian
Memories and stories of Yevgeny Polikarpovich Klevakin (1842 - 1918) , a Russian writer and Altai ethnographer and public figure.
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