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Tainata na Orfei.

The Secret of Orpheus
Sofiia: KHeliopol , 2018. 255 p. 20 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789545781810.  In Bulgarian
The author Nikola Gigov is co-founder of the Orpheus Festival held regularly in the Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria. He has studied the lifework of the legendary ancient musician Orpheus for nearly 50 years. He has published many articles about Orpheus in Bulgaria and abroad. Gigov has traveled all over the Rhodope Mountains, explored many places in Bulgaria and visited a number of foreign countries in search of information about the ancient musician. In 1984, he traveled to Colchis as a present-day Argonaut. All of Gigov's writings are imbued with patriotism and a general interest in humankind.
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