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Nast'plenieto na radikalniia isliam: | The Saudi Golden Chain against Europe

The Advance of Radical Islam: The Saudi Golden Chain against Europe
Sofiia: Abagar , 2018. 422 p. 20 cm. Hard. ISBN 9786191682065.  In Bulgarian
There is no Islamophobia in this book. It is intended for readers who prefer truth over hypocritical tales about (misconstrued) multiculturalism and religious tolerance. In the struggle for global supremacy, shortsighted and irresponsible politicians in leading countries funded and armed jihadist groups, from al-Qaeda to the Islamic State, for years on end, hoping to gain dubious benefits. They were blind to the looming war of civilizations. This book is about the victims of the new barbarians who are drowning the Middle East and European cities in blood.
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