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Entsiklopediia na shpionite.

Encyclopedia of Spies
Sofiia: Millenium , 2018. 240 p. 23 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789545154317.  In Bulgarian
The book tells the stories of the most remarkable secret agents in world history since the 3rd century BC. Variously described as heroes or traitors, these model spies did their job brilliantly while risking their lives. All persons discussed in the book, from Hannibal and Catherine de Medici through Mata Hari and Richard Sorge to the scandalous Anna Chapman, were (or are) exceedingly intelligent and brave and had a strong faith in what they were doing. They may have been assessed in contrasting ways and their methods may have been controversial but they always achieved their goals and their work had an undeniable effect. A special chapter in the book is dedicated to writer spies. Readers will also learn about the Bulgarian spies Hristo Boev, Alexander "Boevoi" Peev and Ivan-Asen Georgiev.
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