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African quilt: stories of the Asian Indian experience in Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya: East African Educational Publishers Ltd , 2015. 214 p., il. ISBN 9789966560070.  In English
African Quilt is a collection of ten stories exploring the wide canvas of the Asian Indian experience in Kenya through the 20'' century. There is a panoply of humour, injustice, pathos, wonderment, exploitation and self-discovery. The characters, whose lives are subtly, but often dramatically. affected by their surroundings and political climate in a changing country, are ordinary in their origins, but rise to personal triumph and leave a mark on society. In an era when the Asian Indian community lived largely segregated from their Kenyan counterparts, the Asian Indian lifestyle and culture are portrayed against an African background. The stories transcend linguistic and cultural differences despite being ensconced in the confines of close-knit families and an insular community. The early stages of the colonisation of Kenya and the eventual sunset of the British Empire are sensitively portrayed.
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