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Indian Dukawallas: their contribution to political and economic development of Kenya
Nairobi: Free Press , 2016. 328 p., il. ISBN 9789966097040.  In English
'Indian Dukawallas' is a debut by veteran lawyer Sharad Rao. It paints what the community has done in Kenya. The book focuses on the contribution of Indians in shaping the political, social and economic development in Kenya. Sharad Rao has incorporated use of weird anecdotes to drive his point home. Humor is also not spared in this read. This book goes ahead to celebrate and reaffirm the community’s immense contribution in the three aspects mentioned earlier. It does not spare national sagas that dragged some of the community members in it, and he notes Goldenberg scandal as the gravest dent in the otherwise glorious image of Asians.

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