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People's resistance to colonialism and imperialism in Kenya and reflections on resistance.
Серия: Kenya resists
Volume 3: Nairobi, Kenya: Vita Books , 2018. 124 p. Soft. ISBN 9789966114525.  In English
This book looks at the third pillar of resistance to British colonialism – people’s resistance, the others being Mau Mau and radical trade union movement. It brings together several aspects of people’s resistance to colonialism and imperialism – before and after independence and includes resistance by nationalities, women, students, peasants and workers in what can only be described as people’s resistance. While Mau Mau and trade unions were essential in the liberation struggle, on their own they would have faced innumerable difficulties to achieve their goal. Peasants, nationalities, women, children and young people, students, independent churches, independent schools, all played a part in reinforcing the organized and ideology led resistance of Mau Mau and trade unions.

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