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On the path of Ibn al-Arabi: The revelations in Fez and Marrakesh
Mohammedia, Morocco: Senso Unico Editions , 2005. 240 p., color il. ISBN 9789954838365.  In English
The major moments of Al-Shaykh Al-Akbar’s life are related in the first person. The author becomes a scribe and steps aside in order to let the word of the Master be heard and pass on his teachings in a crystal-clear way. Ibn Al-‘Arabi’s word is a message of tolerance, a return to the common roots of the three «religions of the Book», and it summons the reader, whatever his faith may be, to oppose war and fanaticism. This book is a first step on the Sufi path, but may also be read as an enlightening and wonderful tale. The text is enhanced by a lavish iconography which illustrates ten centuries of Islamic, Christian and Jewish art.

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