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Lucio Lara - Tchiweka: 80 anos. Imagens de um percurso
Luanda: Associacao Tchiweka de Documentacao , 2009. 209 p. + CD-ROM. 24 x 27 cm. Hard. ISBN 9782222226970.  In Portuguese
This album commemorates the 80th birthday of Lucius Lara, a fighter whose life is intimately linked to the history of Angola in the second half of the 20th century. Lucio Lara (1929-2016) served as General Secretary of the MPLA during the Angolan War of Independence and Angolan Civil War. Lara, a founding member of the MPLA, led the first MPLA members into Luanda on November 8, 1974. He swore in Agostinho Neto as the first president of the country.

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