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A Crise Normativa do Portugues em Angola: Cliticizacao e regencia verbal: que atitude normativa para o professor e o revisor?

The Normative Crisis of the Portuguese language in Angola: Cliticization and verbal regency: what norms are for the teacher and for the reviewer?
Luanda: Mayamba , 2015. 264 p. Soft. ISBN 9789897610844.  In Portuguese
Paulino Soma Adriano was born in the municipality of Caconda in 1982. He holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Evora, a Master's degree in Linguistic Consultancy and Review from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a degree in Portuguese Linguistics from Instituto Superior de Ciencias da Educação (ISCED - Huíla). He is currently a lecturer at ISCED in Huila, and was the Head of the Portuguese Teaching and Research Division at the same Institution. In 2013, he published the poetic work "Amálgama d'Alma" and in 2011 he published the historical novel "Viver e Morrer em Angola".
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