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Do EPLA as FAPLA: Apontamentos para a historia das Forças Armadas de Angola

From EPLA to FAPLA: Notes on the history of the Armed Forces of Angola
Luanda-Sul, Angola: Mayamba Editora , 2013. 308 p., il. 23 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789898528681.  In Portuguese
Mbeto Monteiro Traca was born on May 8, 1941 in Sumbe, Angola. He fought during the National Liberation struggle and was a delegate of the MPLA, in Algeria and Tanzania, being responsible for the Information and Propaganda Department (DIP) of the Eastern Front. During the period of transition to independence and during the Second War of National Liberation, he was a Delegate of the MPLA in Kwanza-Sul and a member of the Southern Front Staff. After the struggle for independence, he was a trustee of TAAG and returned to the Armed Forces, in the Joint Chiefs of Staff (2nd Commander) of the FAA / DAA, and he was the Head of Organization and Mobilization of the General Staff (EMG) of Angola (FAPLA), the Coordinator of the Installing Commission of the Armed Forces Academy of the Ministry of Defense (MinDef), Attache of Defense in Portugal and Director General of the National Defense Institute (IDN). He is General of the FAA.
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