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Nil Yalter: kayit disi .

Nil Yalter: off the record
Istanbul: Arter , 2016. 156 p. Soft. ISBN 9786059606028.  In Turkish and English
As a Marxist-feminist and an immigrant herself, Yalter focuses extensively on the subject of immigration. She documents the struggles of migrant workers, through objects, visuals and video interviews that she collected using ethnographic methods. "Off the Record" brings together a selection of works from the artist's "Temporary Dwellings" (1974-1977), "Immigrants" (1976-2016) and "Exile is a Hard Job" (1983) series that are chosen for the context of Istanbul and the specificities of the exhibition space. Beyond their significance as historical documents, these works are also flexible, permeable, and multilingual fictional spaces that allow the audience to observe different points of view.

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