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Belovskii sbornik: Materialy Tret'ikh Vserossiiskikh Belovskikh chtenii (Vologda, 19-21 oktiabria 2016 g.)

Belov’s collection: Proceedings of the Third All-Russian Belov Readings (Vologda, 19-21 October 2016)
Vypusk 2: Vologda: 2016. 259 p. Soft. ISBN 978-5-89791-140-0.  In Russian
Vasily Ivanovich Belov (23 October 1932 – 4 December 2012) was a Soviet Russian writer, poet and dramatist, who published more than sixty books which sold (as of 1998) seven million copies. A prominent member of the influential 1970s–1980s derevenschiki movement, Belov's best known novels include Business as Usual (1966), Eves (1972–1987), Everything's Ahead (1986) and The Year of a Major Breakdown (1989–1994). Vasily Belov, the USSR State Prize (1981) and the State Prize of the Russian Federation (2003) laureate, was also a recipient of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1982), the Order of Lenin (1984), the Order of Merit for the Fatherland (IV, 2003) and the Order of Honour (2003).

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