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Maroc epure.

Morocco purified
Mohammedia, Morocco: Senso Unico Editions , 2009. 52 p., color il. Soft. ISBN 9789954494110.  In French
Jean-Michel Andre is an Art photographer who has travelled all over Morocco to present a contemporary vision of one of the country realities, that of the poorest people. Respectful of their modesty and traditions, he has photographed beyond any cliche a country where white breaks up colours and blinds one’s mind. Each shot recalls a significant aspect of Moroccan people, the smartness and the modesty of the humblest, their relationship with religion and traditions. Each shot puts the emphasis on the bright and bewitching beauty of the country. His work is based on a refined plastic research and arouses questioning and daydreaming. Simple lines strengthen the images showing daily life in its complexity.
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