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Niger: Les intellectuels, l'Etat, et la societe
Dakar: CODESRIA , 2016. 352 p. Soft. ISBN 9782869787087.  In French
Over the past decade, thanks to the emergence of the process of democratization, the Group of Studies and Research on State and Societies in Niger (GERES) has endeavored to identify possible social transformation in Niger. The formation of the state and the construction of democracy, as well as the military's relations with politics, constituted the dominant research themes. In this book, GERES addresses the issue of intellectuals in Niger in their relationship to the state, politics and society. This research complements the series of works published by GERES and fits perfectly into a vast and coherent program whose general objective is to study the actors and the strengths of the political and social history of contemporary Niger. It is a comparative approach, from a historical and sociological perspective, going from the pre-colonial period to the advent of democracy.
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